ALCA Ranking Process for Australian Masters Applying for Entry to ILCA World Masters Championships

Ranking of Australian Applicants The ALCA office will rank all World Masters applicants as notified by ILCA (who must be current members of an Australian Laser District of the ILCA at the time of application) into one of the two groups listed below.

Group 1: Sailors who are the current champions in their category at the last Masters World Championship, followed by current champions in the last Australian Masters Championship at the time of ranking. Ranking within this group will be by age category with the older age categories first and by rig with standard rig first, then radial and then 4.7.

Group 2: All other sailors. Ranking within this group will be determined by points achieved by competing at any off the past two World Masters, Australian National Masters and relevant State Masters Championships.

The formula for ranking points is the same as that used by World Sailing for World Ranking, that is: Ranking Points = E(N-P+1)/N Where, for ranking of masters applicants: E = Event Rank Points N = Number of Entries in the applicant’s age group P = Position in the applicant’s age group.

The following will be the Event Rank Points:

• World Masters 100 points

• National Masters 100 points

• State Masters 100 points

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