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I hereby apply for / renew membership of the Club in the category Indicated below. I have read and understood the constitution of the Club. I agree that upon Acceptance of my application, I shall be bound by the constitution of the Club and to pay the fees and other amounts prescribed from time to time. I acknowledge that I will only become a member upon the Board of the Club resolving to accept this application and until then any money accompanying this application or paid to the Club for membership shall be refundable to me. I agree to receive notices of meeting, accounts and all other Club communications by email to the address I have given above or any other address I notify to the Club in writing. I acknowledge that sailing is a dangerous sport the risks of which include drowning, injury and exposure. I assume those risks voluntarily and agree that the Club is not able to prevent them arising. Without limiting the foregoing, I also acknowledge that there are risks in the sailing club environment including slipping, tripping, contact with moving spars and equipment, and falling from unguarded catwalks or other structures. In consideration of the Club accepting my application I hereby release and indemnify the Club and its officers, contractors and agents from all claims and liability in respect of injury or death and any other loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from anything I do or undertake at the Club or in events it organises or is associated with. This release and indemnity extends even to anything caused by negligence of those released and indemnified. If I am the owner or skipper of a vessel competing in a Club event I agree that I will have current at all times a liability indemnity insurance policy (property damage and loss, injury and death) for at least $10 million and I will produce evidence of this to Club’s officers on request. If I wish to store watercraft in the Club premises I accept that I do so on the terms of the attached.